How Do I Check Movie Torrent Preview Without Full Download!

This Thread About To Check Movie Torrent Preview Without Full Download. Means You Can Check Movie Without Completing Full Download, So You Can Clarify & Made Decesion To Complete Download If True Or Delete It If Fake.

As you know everyday or after a little while or long while Fakers & Scammers jump on torrenting site to spread fake codec/fake movies in torrents. This method can help you to check and make sure about movie codec & material without full download.

First Of All Do This Change Into Your utorrent Or Bittorrent Settings.

Click > Preference Or Press Ctrl+P > Click On > Advanced (From Left Side Listed Options)

Now Move Your Pointer To Middle Box & Scroll Down Once (Where Name & Value Shown)
1. Click On > bt.prio_first_last_piece
2. Select > True (It Is False By Default)
3. Click > Apply
4. Click > OK
5. Exit utorrent/Bittorent From System Tray > YES
6. Restart utorrent/Bittorent > Enjoy!

See Below On Screenshot:


Now Pick Any Movie Torrent You Want To Check & Start Download.
Once It Reaches To 15% Or Above. Stop Downloading Torrent.
Right Click On Selected Torrent > Open Containing Folder.
See How To Open Contaning Folder:


Now Play The Movie File With VLC Or K-Lite Codec Pack.


Remember: If VLC asks you to repair contain file? You can press Replair. But Recommended > Don’t Replair.

On Screenshot you can see movie file played 30 second and it can still play to above 40 second. i stopped downliading at 26% that’s why it can play above 40 second. so if you stop downloading at 15% then it could play 10 second or less according to runtime 2 hours. You must stop downloading at 20% if movie runtime is above 2 hours. under 2 hours movies would be good to stop at 15%. and you must stop downloading at 50% if you’re downloading DVD with .VOB files.


Example: If movie is fake then you can see ”Download Codec” or ”Watch movie at @#$^& or ”Download player from $^%&.com within 5 second.

So New Pirates you must follow this method to kill them fastly before they spread their fake virus on torrent globe. Lets be ready before they born & grown so fast. :lipssealed:

Remember: This guide stick to fake Movies. Fake movies don’t have Sample into the folder. so do not complaint about Sample check. you can use your sense a faker can not provide samples in torrents. LOL! :p

Be A Good Pirate & Be Safe. :)

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