Pick Your Ideal Android Look With Android Taste Test

Google’s Android platform has a rather large collection of customisable home screens, skins, themes, icon packs and more. Unfortunately, sorting through all the available content to find that one that works well for you can be daunting. Thankfully, Google has introduced something called the Android Taste Test that will assist you in your attempts to customize the look of your Android device.

In essence, the “Android Taste Test” functions like many of those personality tests that you can find online. However, instead of revealing your personality, the “Android Taste Test” compiles a list of wallpapers, skins and other add-ons that fits your preferences.

monochromatic or multicolour

The “Taste Test” will present you with a series of subjects that has multiple options, and you’re required to pick one out of the two or third option given to you. Some of the subjects included in the “Taste Test” includes color vibrancy, color tones, art style, etc.

Once you’ve completed the “Taste Test”, Google will provide you with a preview of what your ideal Android platform looks like. If the look strikes your fancy, Google has also provided the download links to all the apps that are required.

From there, all you really need to do is to download and install the required apps to your Android device of choice, do some minor tweaks, and just like that, you’ll have an Android look that matches your taste in design.


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